When Should You Start Using Beard Oil?

When you’re growing a beard, it is inevitable at some point you will come across beard oil, even though it’s one of the most popular in the male grooming world, beard oil is one of those things where men just aren’t a hundred percent sure about it. So, let’s explain when should you start using beard oil, how much should you use, and what it’s gonna do for you.

What Does Beard Oil Do

Beard oil is a leave-in conditioning product it was designed to replace the oils that you lose after washing your beard. When you wash your beard to cleanse it, what you’re doing is you’re stripping away dirt, but not only dirt you’re stripping away a lot of oils as well. 

So when you hop out of the shower, when you’ve done rinsing and cleaning your face, then what you want to do is to bring those oils back to your skin. 

Now beard oil has exploded on the marketplace and there are a lot of brands but what we recommend is Uppercut Deluxe Beard Oil, which is silicone-free. Silicones aren’t necessarily inherently bad or dangerous for your skin but what happens is, they’ll coat the hair and when they coat your hair, they are going to give a real nice smooth finish, but it’s preventing nutrients from getting into the shaft of the hair and it also requires a little bit harsher wash to remove the silicones. Then the harsher wash starts the process of damaging your bear, and the skin underneath it. 

So, be careful to use silicone-free products, but still, there are water-based silicone products and they will rinse out easily. If you find that product, you’re good to go.

When Should You Start Using Beard Oil

The moment you decide that you’re gonna draw out some facial hair, a mustache, goatee, full beard, whatever you want, you should pick up some beard oil right away, because one of the most awesome things about beard oil is that it’s not only for the beard hair, it’s for the skin underneath your beard. 

As the beard starts to grow out, that hair is gonna get really itchy, and that’s where beard oil is gonna come in. It’s gonna do a really good job of preparing your face as that beard hair grows out, especially in those first few weeks, that’s when it’s a little bit rough. 

How Much Beard Oil Should You Use

You choose and get your beard oil, but how much beard oil are you supposed to use? If you look at any beard oil brand, it’s gonna tell you to apply three to four drops to your beard and face daily, and it’s right if you are growing your beard for a few weeks. 

If you’re at the very beginning of your beard journey and you’ve just started growing something out for a few days with no trimming at all, use one drop, and Uppercut Deluxe Beard Oil will meet all your needs by giving a non-greasy feeling!

Product: Uppercut Deluxe Beard Oil

Link: https://lokimen.com/products/uppercut-deluxe-beard-oil-30ml


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