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Workout Weekly Plan

For many people, “workout” means going to the gym, lifting weights, cardio or running. And, inadvertently, this ends up being a barrier to exercise if we don’t like to go to the gym, lift weights or run. Getting in a meaningful and beneficial training is much simpler than many people may think. There are a wide range of exercises that help to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular health—and, thus, overall health! Click here  to create a free workout with the workout planner How to create a workout plan   Creating a workout plan you actually enjoy and will stick to is a little bit more involved than simply finding a recommended workout online or a workout video series you enjoy. There are a few additional steps to developing a plan that works well for you and will set you up for continued success. Here are four simple steps to crafting your own workout plan, based around activities you actually enjoy, and a schedule that actually works for your lifestyle: 1. what are your fitnes